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Proven Success In Handling Consumer Class Action Claims

Class action lawsuits are way for numerous people who are similarly situated to obtain compensation or other recovery for the same kind of wrongdoing. They are an important type of consumer protection case because there is power in numbers. Whereas a single claim may not be valuable enough to be worth pursuing, hundreds or even thousands of claims grouped into a single lawsuit can result in a big recovery and significant positive impact.

At Wells Law Office, Inc. in Chicago, Attorney Amy Wells handles many cases in the context of class and multidistrict litigation. She has dedicated her career to seeking justice on behalf of consumers since 2004. She has secured millions of dollars in results to show for it.

Understanding Class Action And Mass Action Cases

In a class action lawsuit, one, or few, plaintiffs (people bringing the lawsuit) represent the interests of many other unnamed but similarly situated individuals. Put another way, a lead, named plaintiff will seek justice on behalf of many people who have been harmed in the same way. The court and the law generally treat all members of the class as one plaintiff.

Mass actions arise when many individuals have similar claims that are brought together in a case. However, each plaintiff’s claim is handled separately, and they are treated as a distinct plaintiff. Unlike a class action, the individual plaintiff’s claims may be settled and tried separately.

Examples Of Class Action Cases

Ms. Wells handles class action claims involving issues such as:

  • Robocalls, spam texts and other violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Widespread abusive debt collection practices
  • Deceptive and unfair business practices
  • Privacy rights violations
  • Unlawful background checks
  • Credit reporting errors
  • Products liability including defective motor vehicles

What To Do If You Think You May Have A Claim Suitable For A Class Action

If you have been victimized by a widespread practice or product that you believe may have affected many others, contact Ms. Wells for a consultation today. You can also call 773-352-8567. Though based in Illinois, Ms. Wells handles class action cases and multidistrict litigation across the country. She also routinely serves as co-counsel for other attorneys nationwide.