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You May Be Entitled To Compensation For Robocalls And Spam Texts

In today’s world, most people carry their phones with them virtually around the clock, giving them convenience and connection at their fingertips. But of course, advertisers view phones as a tremendous opportunity to market to people, even without their consent. Nobody wants to get a telemarketing call or spam text – especially at an inconvenient time. It is even worse when it is a robocall from a disguised number attempting to trick or pressure you into something you have no desire to engage with.

Federal law protects consumers against these intrusions on their privacy and peace of mind. Enforcing your rights under federal law can be a challenging endeavor, however. At Wells Law Office, Inc. in Chicago, Attorney Amy Wells can help you pursue justice and compensation. She is a skilled consumer rights lawyer with more than 17 years of experience and a proven record obtaining millions for consumers. She also has extensive experience handling complex and multidistrict class action claims. Drawing on both a robust legal background and business savvy from an M.B.A. degree, she can capably hold companies accountable when they violate your rights with repeated robocalls or spam texts.

What Is The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)?

The TCPA is a federal law that makes it illegal for businesses to make unsolicited robocalls (prerecorded calls) or send marketing texts to your phone without your permission. The TCPA applies to landlines and mobile phones. It gives consumers the right to pursue up to $1,500 in compensation for each call or text that violated the law.

Be aware that when you sign up for newsletters or promotions online, you may be unintentionally giving consent for those companies to contact you via robocalls and texts. Do not grant that permission unless you intend to. You will not have a claim for a TCPA violation if you consented to receive the calls or texts. If you revoked that consent – either by verbally requesting on a call that you not be contacted or by opting out of further texts – and you still receive ongoing calls or texts, you may then have a claim. Talk to Ms. Wells about your situation to get clarity on your options.

Examples Of TCPA Violations

Ms. Wells has worked as lead counsel on many cases involving violations of the TCPA. Here are just a few examples of the facts giving rise to some of those cases.

  • A big box superstore hired a collection agency to collect debt allegedly arising from shoplifting. Thousands of wrong-number robocalls were made.
  • A giant restaurant chain sent millions of unwanted marketing texts to consumers whose numbers were provided by “friends.”
  • A large debt collection company repeatedly called consumers to collect a debt after those consumers told the agency to “stop” calling.
  • A financier sent multiple text messages to promote new products after the recipients sent a message instructing them to stop.

What To Do If You Are Getting Unwanted Calls Or Texts

Under the TCPA, you can only obtain compensation if you find out who is behind the illegal calls or texts. In order to figure out who the offending parties are, you will need to take the following steps each time you receive an unwanted call or text message:

  • Screenshot the phone numbers for each incoming robocall. You can do this in your cellphone’s call history.
  • Save any voicemails and transcriptions of voicemails.
  • Take screenshots of all text messages.
  • If you answer a robocall, try to talk to a human and ask what company they work for and how they got your number. Write down what they say.

The more information you have, the better the odds that you will obtain financial recovery.

Find Out If You Have A TCPA Claim – Free Consultation

Get a free case review to determine whether you have a right to compensation for unwanted robocalls or spam texts. To get started, reach out to Wells Law Office, Inc. through the website or by phone at 773-352-8567. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Ms. Wells handles these cases nationwide.